Buy nougat and sweets in bulk

Buying nougat and sweets in bulk is the cheapest and most economical way if you have a store or bakery. In this section you will find multiple bulk formats in nougat and sweets of the vast majority of products in our catalog.

We know that price is always important so we put in your hand a lot of bulk sweets perfect for weddings, restaurants, baptisms or to offer at the event you can think of. Here is our selection of bulk sweets.

Buy nougat in bulk

Bulk nougat, cut or uncut. Ideal for serving nougat by weight.

Buy candied and glazed fruit in bulk

Our bulk candied fruit is served in perfectly packed crates. Ideal for bakeries or for making desserts at home.

Buy pastries and sweets in bulk

Our bulk bakery is highly valued by our customers. You will be able to find from the most traditional products such as our polvorones in bulk, to buying marzipan figurines in bulk.

Buy peladillas in bulk

The best peladillas and dragées in bulk. An offer you can’t refuse.

Types of nougat and sweets by weight ordered that you can buy in this online store.

Within our candy catalog in our section of candy by weight and in bulk to buy there are different formats and products available.

If you are looking to buy candy in bulk, here is the best classification you can find on the Internet.

  • Bulk nougat: Jijona, Alicante, chocolate… We have all varieties. You can buy the nougat block in bulk whole to cut it yourself or already cut into bars.
  • Glazed fruit in bulk. Glazed and candied fruits are a classic among classics: cherries, orange, watermelon, melon, peach, pumpkin. They are served in perfectly sealed crates of 2kg and 4kg.
  • Bulk pastries: Our artisan pastries are possibly the best in the market. Although it is all handmade, we always allocate a part of it to sell bulk bakery products. Among all the pastries that you can buy in bulk we find.
    • Pasteles de yema a granel: Marzipan filled with candied egg yolk, delicious. Individually packed in 3kg crates.
    • Glory cakes in bulk: With the best sweet potato. Hand-wrapped are typical at Christmas time. Individually packed in 3kg crates.
    • Marzipan figures in bulk: The best almond marzipan. They are sold individually wrapped in flow packs to maintain their freshness for a longer period of time.
    • Bulk Polvorones: almond and chocolate: From the best ground almonds and with the best pure chocolate. Served in 4kg boxes
    • Pine nuts and Peladillas in bulk: Products of the best quality in the market. Made with the best marcona almonds and the best national pine nuts, they are an exclusive product. There are also chocolate chips in bulk.

Why buy candy in bulk?

Our nougat and sweets in bulk and by weight have many more advantages than disadvantages. First and foremost, the price is greatly reduced, especially because of the savings that come from not having to do the work of individual packaging. On the other hand, there is an important saving in packaging, all those products that are sold, in addition to being packaged, in a cardboard or PET box, save that addition.

Advantages of buying nougat and candies in bulk:

  • More economical prices.
  • No multiple packagins.
  • Reduced and faster shipping.
  • Direct from the factory.

On the other hand, buying nougat and sweets in bulk allows us to buy them among family members or neighbors on a farm to share them out and save money.

Students have also bought candy in bulk from us to pay for a field trip because grandparents love our candy and it sells better than the typical lottery tickets.

How long is the shelf life of bulk candy?

The shelf life of all our bulk Christmas products is between 9 months and 24 months.

Can I buy candies in bulk if I am an individual?

Of course, we can send you our entire catalog in boxes for you to enjoy even if you are a private individual.

If you are a professional, we recommend you to visit our page dedicated to the sale of nougat and sweets for professionals to ask us for special conditions on our bulk products.