Christmas packages for companies

Buying Lotes and Christmas gifts for companies is a very old custom in Spain. Having a detail with employees and customers is usually common in companies. If you are looking to give nougat as a gift, this is your page because we can configure lots of all prices.

Turrones la Colmena has been producing Christmas batches of nougat for companies for years. This experience has given us many different options to choose from and we know what is needed for each type of situation and company. For example, we have lots of nougat and customizable gifts with your company logo . A tailor-made gift for your employees.

Buying company Christmas packages is a great way to congratulate your employees for Christmas and the beginning of the year. All the products offered in these lots are Supreme Quality. This means that we only use high quality ingredients. In addition, all the nougat is handmade and has the seal that guarantees that it is of high quality and made in Jijona.

Christmas gifts and packages for companies personalized with a logo.

In our search for the perfect christmas package for companies we have found that Personalizing products with a company logo is one of the most original gifts for employees. They love it and feel more valued.

Having done so many Christmas batches for companies we do not have a fixed one although it is true that you can buy lots of nougat for companies predefined, but they are fully indicative and customizable to suit every need.

Within the offer of lots and personalized Christmas gifts for companies there are different options such as to put your logo on the nougat, or on some sweets in a plastic tray.

Another of our gift options for companies is to customize the cardboard boxes with the logoAnyway you can find some more ideas to create your own batch here: Customized nougatsfor companies.

What gifts and presents to give to my company's clients?

We all know that making a customer feel good is important and a detail is a great way to let them know that. If you don’t know what to give to your customers this Christmas, we offer you an economical, original and perfect idea. Give some nougat as a gift.

Our customized nougats are perfect to put your company logo and, if you want, a small text where you can congratulate Christmas to each of your customers. We have options starting at 50g that are very economical and work very well.

Now that you know what gift to give to your customers for Christmas , let’s take a look at the different types of lots and assortments we have:

Nougat in Wooden Boxes: The most classic.

Within our customized batches for companies we have the option of the batch in a wooden box. There are different sizes and models that allow different possibilities. In any case, these batches are fully customizable.

On the left you can see an example of our “Essential” pack.

Gifts and lots of nougat from Jijona and Alicante for companies.

Obviously, in our lots of nougat for companies you will find nougat. But even if we do not have in the previous examples, salty products can be added to make a more complete batch.

In this classification of Christmas packages for companies that you can buy you will see a great selection of handmade artisan nougat.

Other special services for companies: Personal gifts

All the lots and Christmas gifts for companies that you can buy in our store can be wrapped to suit the customer’s taste so that the gift is perfect. We care about every detail:

Christmas assortments for companies

Christmas packages for companies

Christmas gifts for employees

Personalized gifts for companies

Personalized gifts for companies