Individual nougat portions

Buying individual portions of nougat is an excellent option when we do not know what nougat to buy for Christmas or we want to make a gift at an event.

If there is something that characterizes us is good taste and in a world as traditional as that of nougat, innovation is limited, that is why we have created a unique packaging for each flavor that differentiates our products. 25 and 50 grams portions of artisan nougat from all the others, giving life and a unique personality to the nougat.

Portions of artisan nougat

Small portions of nougat for events

Individual portions of nougat

Customizable portions

When we buy nougat we must take into account the need to purchase different formats that suit what we are looking for and buying nougat in small individual portions of nougat can be a great option.

The portions of artisan nougat that are in our online store are handmade and also have the unique seal of designation of origin of the Regulatory Council of Jijona. This seal guarantees that the portions are made with raw materials of the highest quality.

Types of small portions of nougat you can buy

All the varieties of our nougat portions that you can buy in our store are manufactured with the same quality and raw material as their big sisters. In addition, they are sent home by express courier specially packaged to maintain the highest quality.

As we know that the nougat in portions is given as a gift in events also outside Christmas time, we have made a special box for each of these events: Weddings, baptisms… Here we show you the best classification that you can find on the internet:

  • Portions Miniturrones of 25g. Milk chocolate, toasted yolk, Jijona and Alicante.
  • Portions of nougat of 50g. A wide variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Portions of nougat for events such as weddings or baptisms: Customizable with the name and date of the event.
  • Customizable individual portions of nougat. Ideal for congresses or other types of events.

Advantages of buying nougat portions

In the beginning, customers who used to buy individual portions of nougat were quite scarce or were looking for a complete sample of our sweets and products. Little by little we ended up giving the ones we had left over to the children who came to our physical turrón store in Jijona and it occurred to us that it was a great thing to give as a gift.

Over time people started asking us if we had individual portions of nougat for sale, especially to take to the gym, as nougat is a protein-rich food, or as healthy treats to give to children on Halloween and Christmas .t occurred to us that it was a perfect size to take along and eat quickly. Since then we have sold portions of artisan nougat for a number of events such as:

  • Gifts for weddings, baptisms and communions. With perfect customized packaging.
  • Protein source to take to the gym or take while cycling.
  • Halloween candy gift.
  • Make a nougat board to share and taste them all at home.

Buy nougat portions for congresses

These nougat portions or minitablets have a different format than the traditional nougat we know, but they are exactly the same product. The only difference is their weight and size. A normal nougat tablet weighs 300g. Our nougat portions weigh only 25 grams and 50 grams.

Just like traditional nougat, all our individual portions of nougat are made daily with raw materials of unparalleled quality.

Is buying mini nougat cheaper?

Nougat is a gourmet product. If you are looking to buy cheap nougat for Christmas this is probably not your site but the nougat portions allow you to buy more types of nougat for the price of a large tablet.

The price of nougat is largely determined by the price of the raw material. The most important ingredient is the selected national almond present in at least 2/3 of the weight of the product. Our company allows you to buy cheap nougat adjusting to the maximum the final price of the product and maintaining the highest quality.

Nougat in 25g and 50g customized portions.

Buying small nougat is not always easy. Not everyone makes them because they are more laborious to work with.

In our company we can offer you very small portions of nougat with a weight of 25g . Ideal for making assortments or simply as a sweet gift.