Personalized nougat and sweets for companies

Nougats and sweets with my company logo

Turrones la Colmena has been offering for years different products and customized nougats for companies according to the customer’s taste. As we are manufacturers, in our company it is possible to customize nougat and chocolate with your logo or photograph on the package with no minimum order.

There are different options and customization proposals within our candy catalog. The nougat customizations we offer for businesses range from adhesive labels with a corporate logo, a short text or photograph to printing on cardboard for a customized nougat packaging for companies on our different models and formats of nougat boxes.

Finally, you will find different formats and weights of nougat to customize with your brand to suit your needs (50g, 150g, 300g…). Fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Do you want to customize nougat with your logo? Fill in the form.

Here is a sample of some of the products and nougats in our catalog that can be customized with a company logo, although we can do it with almost all our references.

Types of nougat customization for companies

We are one of the few companies that can customize nougat and sweets from our catalog of nougat for companies. The adhesive customizations are made personally by us since we have the necessary technology. Among the customizations :

  • Polypropylene adhesive labels: Clean and transparent. They are the most requested because you can see the product with your logo printed on it. Different lettering colors are available.
  • Custom packaging: From a logo or design we can create a custom packaging for you. Our design department will make sure that each box is representative of your own brand.

Is there a minimum order for nougat customizations?

In the case of customizations with adhesive labels it is not necessary to make a minimum order, as we have already said, we can customize classic or chocolate nougat with your logo or an image independently and we have the necessary machinery in our factory in Jijona. If you want just one bar of nougat personalized with your photo or logo you can do it here.

On the other hand, in the case of printing on cardboard boxes it will depend mainly on the packaging to choose and the final design to customize (design, color, setting, font, logo, shipping to the printer, packaging…) Consult us.

Classification and types of nougat that you can customize in our store with your logo.

We are one of the few companies that offer customization of practically our entire catalog. Perfectly packaged, all our designs are original and unique. In our range of artisan nougat with personalization you can find for example:

All these customizations include all the formats and trays we have: customizable nougat portions of 50g, cuts and tablets of 150g, customizable nougat tablets of 300g.

Can I customize nougat with my brand, shields, slogan...?

Yes, you can make customizable nougats with your slogan or motto and with any image you can think of. Our company has received original ideas for customization. For example, recently a soccer team asked us for nougat with the crest of the soccer team, and it was a very original gift.

As we know that the customizations available are as many as your own imagination, if you have an original idea that does not appear on this page we are open to proposals.