How to buy nougat by phone and WhatsApp

Buying artisan nougat online is a growing trend. Either because there are less and less physical stores open or because the current situation does not allow us to go out more than necessary, more and more people prefer to buy Christmas nougat online.

This has allowed people from Spain and all over the world to enjoy our traditional sweet. As we know, from our experience, that there are people who are still a little afraid of shopping online, we want to offer you alternative methods to eat artisan nougat, directly from the factory at Christmas. All this without losing that direct relationship between Turronero / Customer that was forged after years of relationship.

In this page we offer you a brief guide to buy nougat online. All the forms shown here are totally safe.

turrones la colmena

Ways to buy nougat online

On the internet you can buy nougat in different ways, here we want to show you the different and best options available to buy nougat online safely:

Ordering nougat by phone.

Buying nougat over the phone is an option that is rarely used but is often very popular with people who don’t get along very well with technology. In addition, voice-to-voice contact often works very well when someone wants to learn a little more about a product. In any case, it is the most direct way that exists (not counting visiting our physical turron store in Jijona).

To place an order of nougat by phone you just need to have a list of things you want to buy and we will prepare and ship your order to the address you tell us.

The list can be prepared by looking at products from the web or directly from our catalog of nougats and sweets.

Once we have the order we will inform you about the possible shipping costs and the amount of your order. The available payment methods are the typical ones of any business: by debit/credit card, with the paypal platform or by bank transfer.

Order nougat by e-mail.

This method of buying nougat online is very typical for people who live outside our border. Although the shipping costs usually bring headaches (looking for a shipping agency, customs, delivery time, temperature of the country of destination…).

Ordering by e-mail is very easy. Simply send us an email with your details and the name of each product and the desired quantity to and we will take care of everything.

Once we receive your order we will calculate the shipping costs and we will send you a proforma invoice for payment. Once the payment has been made, we will proceed to send you your order.

Place an order through our website.

Buying nougat online is possibly the fastest and most autonomous way that exists, you do the whole process and we take care of preparing and shipping your order.

Our platform created in is perfect to buy nougat online and the system is very simple.

  • First you must choose the products you wish to purchase and add them to your cart. You will find all our products within each corresponding category of the website.
  • Once you have a complete shopping cart you must visit the shopping cart page by clicking on the shopping cart icon that is usually at the top of the page.
  • Once inside your cart you will have to specify the desired shipping method, enter your discount codes and if you want, enter your address (only to calculate the shipping costs).
  • Finally you have to enter the checkout page where you will enter your personal data. In addition, it will be the place where you will be able to access the payment gateway of your choice. Payment by debit/credit card, Pay-pal or direct bank transfer.

Order nougat by Whastapp.

Buying nougat by WhatsApp is a very popular way in recent years. Knowing that there is someone behind the device always helps. In turrones la colmena we take orders by WhatsApp in a simple way, although sometimes we take a little time to respond, especially in high season. In addition to orders, we also answer any questions you may have.

To place an order of nougat by WhatsApp you only have to send us a message with the list of things you want to buy, specifying the weight in the case of two possible references and, optionally, the price. Once the order has been placed, we will respond to you and prepare your order for shipment to the address you provide.

Once we have finalized the order we will inform you about the possible shipping costs and the final amount of your order. You can pay by debit/credit card, paypal or bank transfer. We do not accept cash on delivery.