Turrones Madrid: Where to buy nougat in Madrid?

If you want to buy nougat in Madrid and province, then this is the best option because we have a wide catalog of nougat in Madrid and other high quality Christmas sweets that can be sent to your home in less than 24 hours. In addition, if you buy more than 35 euros, we always provide free shipping, which is quite affordable.

Whether it’s because Christmas is coming, or because you feel like eating some nougat during the rest of the year, now you can buy artisan nougat in Madrid with just a few clicks.

All the nougat you buy in Madrid on our website is shipped by courier and arrives the next day of shipment. Directly from the factory to your home.

We make freshly made nougat for Madrid every day of the year since this city is where most of our best and oldest customers are concentrated and “Turrones la Colmena” has been making sweets since 1854.

Buy Jijona and Alicante nougat from Madrid City

For many years, Madrid and Jijona have had a close relationship when it comes to the sale of nougat in Madrid . It is very common to buy Jijona nougat in Madrid every Christmas. In fact, our sales of nougat in Madrid have been registered since the beginning of the 20th century under our brand name “Viuda de Wenceslao Monerris”.

In the old days, the Jijonencos spent Christmas selling handmade nougat in Madrid in certain building portals in the center of the city. Even so, to this day, there are still houses of Turrón de Jijona in Madrid in the same portal. Houses that have a deep friendship with us.

Types of nougat that can be purchased in Madrid

Our entire catalog of nougat can be purchased from Madrid easily from our online store.

If you want to buy turrón de Blando in Madrid, the one from Jijona, you only have to add it to your shopping cart and follow the steps below. This soft-textured nougat has up to 70% almonds and 17% honey in its composition.

If on the other hand, you prefer to buy hard nougat in Madrid , you should know that it is also called Alicante nougat, although it is manufactured in Jijona. We are one of the few that sell it all year round because we do not mass-produce turron. Always artisan.

Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, you can buy Chocolate nougat in Madrid without leaving home in less than 24 hours. This chocolate nougat undergoes a long elaboration process since it is necessary to control the temperature of the chocolate every so often. It is blended only with 100% national Marcona almonds.

How to buy nougat in Madrid?

To buy turrones Madrid, you can do it by the following three methods: by phone, by sending us an email or WhatsApp or through our online store.
  • By phone: call our store, we will pick up your order manually and send it to the address you request. This is the first choice for many people who have questions about the product.
  • By message on WhatsApp or by e-mail: Our phone number for WhatsApp orders is
  • Through our nougat store in Madrid online: place an order through this website and you will be able to buy nougat and sweets from Madrid.

How we elaborate the nougat we sell in Madrid.

The nougat we manufacture and ship to Madrid is the same that we ship to other places.

As for the sale of nougat and chocolate in Madrid, our company has a special relationship with the city since we have been selling them in the capital of Spain since 1854.

Some places where you canbuy nougat: Móstoles, Fuenlabrada, Parla, Alcalá de Henares, Leganés, Coslada, Getafe, Alcorcón or Galapagar.

Our entire nougat catalog can be shipped to any point in Madrid or province within 24-48 hours.

Buy artisan nougat in Madrid online

o buy nougat online in Madrid is probably the easiest way to consume nougat at home wherever you are. To get a quick overview of how to do this, follow the steps below.

  • Choose the nougat you want to buy and ship it to Madrid and add it to your shopping cart.
  • When you have a list of products, access your cart page by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Once inside, you can choose to send the nougat anywhere in Madrid or Spain by entering an address.
  • Finally, make the payment. We have several payment methods available.

Once the process is started, we will send your order as soon as possible where you indicate us in Madrid: to your home, to the Almudena, to the Royal Theater, to the Zarzuela…what are you waiting for?