Buy sugar-free nougat

Nougat with no added sugars. Are they available for purchase?

Buying sugar-free nougat is often a popular choice for people who want to control their sugar intake but want to enjoy the authentic taste of artisan nougat.

Nougats with no added sugars are those that are made without adding sugars or honey to the list of ingredients and in which sugar is replaced by sweeteners.

If you are looking to limit the amount of sugars in your diet, either to keep carbohydrates at bay or by medical recommendation, here you can find artisan sugar-free nougats . But how can we make our sweets without honey and sugar? Here we tell you all about it:

Sugar-free nougat What is the difference between sugar-free and traditional nougat?

The difference between traditional nougat and nougat with no added sugar is simply that the sugar and honey are replaced by sweeteners. These sweeteners are Maltitol and Sorbitol. Both Maltitol and sorbitol are the most commonly used polyols to replace sugar.

In the sugar-free nougat that you can buy in our store, apart from the substitution of these two elements, there is no other significant change. The formula and the manufacturing process remain the same and the predominant flavor is that of toasted almonds (which are usually roasted a little more to give a more intense flavor to the nougat).

These sugar-free sweets are made in the same traditional way and are made on a different day so that there are no mistakes or cross-contamination with sugar. The ingredients used are: Toasted almonds (67%), sweeteners (maltitol and sorbitol) and egg albumin.

What are Maltitol and Sorbitol?

Maltitol and Sorbitol are two of the most commonly used sweeteners to sweeten nougat and sugar-free chocolate.

Maltitol is marketed under the name E-965 and is very good because it is almost completely metabolized, providing about 4Kcal per gram (similar to traditional sugar). It is ideal because it sweetens more than sugar using less quantity. It is useful for diabetics as long as its consumption is controlled.

Sorbitol is marketed under the name E-420 and provides only 2Kcal per gram. It is used because it is an excellent moisturizer and texturizer: It gives a lot of creaminess to our artisanal sugar-free nougats. Contrary to popular belief, these two products are not carcinogenic.

Since maltitol is partially digested in the body, in appreciable quantities and if we make a regular consumption, it can have a laxative effect and cause gastrointestinal symptoms (it would be necessary to eat several tablets of nougat without sugar), so it is not recommended to be taken by patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

Nougat for diabetics. Does it exist?

This nougat, as it has no added sugars in its composition, can be considered a nougat suitable for diabetics . This is because it has only 3% sugar in its nutritional table. Sugar that occurs naturally in almonds.

In addition, it is also a nougat suitable for people who do not want to consume so many sugars at Christmas, but be careful, it is NOT A DIETARY NOUGAT. The nougat we make has a high proportion of almonds in its composition. The almond is a nut with a high protein value that above all offers caloric value. To think that this is a sugar free nougat for weight loss is a serious mistake.

It is unfortunate to see in newspapers or on television news headlines like “The great deception of sugar-free nougat“, “the lie of the nougat that is not fattening” trying to focus on this sweet as a dietary product. We do not sell it as such. This nougat is made so that everyone can enjoy it at Christmas.

Nutritional table of sugar-free nougat

Classification of nougats without added sugars in our catalog.

In our catalog there are only 3 types of nougat without added sugars: soft nougat without sugar, hard nougat without sugar and chocolate nougat without sugar.

Below are the different formats you can buy, with or without box.