Artisan Nougats

No need to look any further! If you want to buy artisan nougat, we are your trusted online site.

Our Artisan nougat is always made with the best national raw material and under the watchful eye of experienced nougat masters. In our company we only elaborate Supreme Quality nougat, the highest possible, following methods and formulas of our family written more than a century ago. Here we show you our handmade handmade nougat.

Classic Artisan Nougat

Our classicartisan nougat bars and cakes, the traditional flavors: Jijona, Alicante, toasted yolk, pure chocolate… Due to their quality, the artisan nougats from Jijona and Alicante bear the seal of Denomination of Origin. Unique seal that guarantees a controlled and handcrafted production process.

Buy artisan nougat without sugar

We believe we have succeeded. The taste of our sugar-free artisan nougat looks very similar to the original and they are to die for. In its preparation we only substitute sugar and honey for sweeteners. They are not diet nougats. They are made for those who have to control sugar consumption and diabetics.

Artisan Chocolate Nougat

Our artisan chocolate nougats are characterized for being elaborated with high quality chocolate and nuts under a constant and strict control of the temperature during its elaboration. Once you try them you will realize the difference.

Buy liquid artisan nougat

Our artisan liquid nougat is ideal for use in cooking or baking recipes. And you, do you dare?

Other formats of handmade nougat

In addition to the traditional bar cut of artisan Jijona nougat, we have other formats that adapt to any occasion. Always elaborated with raw materials of the highest quality and in an artisan way.

Artisan nougat San Jorge

Do you take care of every detail? Our range of artisan nougat “San Jorge” is elaborated with the same formula and quality as the rest of our turrones with the only difference of the packaging. Meet our classic cardboard boxes or our more minimalist boxes.

The national Marcona almonds and honey from Mediterranean beekeepers are only part of the secret of our handmade turrones.

Classification and types of artisan nougat you can buy.

We have in our catalog many types of candies and artisan nougat. Here is the best classification of candies and nougats on the Internet. In addition, we always have the option of free shipping for orders over 35€ to the peninsula, although it may vary depending on your province.

You will find both artisan soft nougat and artisan hard nougat as well as other traditional flavors:

  • Artisan nougats from Jijona and Alicante, our hallmark. There are different formats that will adapt to your needs. This product is certified with a label of denomination of origin from the PGI regulatory council. Body that controls and ensures controlled production.
  • Artisan nougats are also traditional sweets highly valued by our customers. It is necessary to emphasize the nougat to the artisan stone or the exquisite of nougat of Yema toasted artisan.
  • The fantastic range of artisan nougat without added sugars where we have achieved a flavor and texture very similar to the original without adding grams of sugars or honey to the recipe. As a novelty with sugar-free chocolates.
  • Our range of certified organic artisan nougat. A selection of nougats designed for those who want to eat sweets in the most beneficial way for the environment and the rest of beings.
  • If you don’t have enough of a sweet tooth, you can also find a wide range of handmade chocolate nougat with almonds and dried fruits.
  • Our range of artisan liquid nougats are designed to cook desserts, spread on bread or eat with meat or fish. The objective? Enjoy this famous sweet all year round.

Video: How the best artisan nougats are made.

If you are at home, watch how we make the best artisan nougat . In this video you will see the whole process of handmade nougat elaboration. This process has more than 150 years of history in our family.

What ingredients are used to make handmade nougat?

To make nougat the artisan the basic ingredient of the nougat is the is the selected Marcona almond. Much of it collected in the Carrasqueta de Jijona. This almond is a dry fruit of high nutritional value and very appreciated in gourmet cuisine. In some cases we use up to 72% of almonds to make artisan nougat. We have always done so, and not only because the regulatory board indicates minimums, but because we have always done it that way.

The specific ingredients of each of our nougats are handmade nougat are slightly different. You will find a detailed fact sheet and nutritional information for each item on its individual page.

Where to buy cheap artisan nougat from Jijona

If you are looking to buy cheap artisan nougat you should know that the price of nougat, the famous Christmas sweet from Xixona, is largely determined by the price of the raw material from which it is made.

The most important ingredient is almonds and honey, present in at least 2/3 of the weight of the product. Our range of formats allows you to buy cheap artisan nougat always adjusting to the maximum the final price of the product while maintaining the highest quality. Another way to buy cheap nougat is to buy individual portions of nougat.