Ludomar chocolate

Ludomar chocolate is a chocolate manufacturer that has been producing its products for more than 50 years in the province of Barcelona and distributing throughout Spain.

Since it was founded in Barcelona in 1948, Chocolates Ludomar has specialized in the manufacture of high quality artisan chocolates, always using selected ingredients and traditional manufacturing techniques.

Currently known as Ludomar Chocolate Passion its commitment to offer the best and taste has made it become one of the most recognized chocolate brands in the peninsula and the world.

If you are looking for a wholesaler of nougat, that’s us, but on this page we will show you the items we have for Ludomar bakeries and confectioneries.

Ludomar chocolate

Ludomar chocolates

The chocolate company Ludomar has a wide range of products related to the chocolate world, from chocolate lollipops to chocolates and truffles of different flavors. This makes its catalog a good fit for the vast majority of customers.

In turrones la Colmena we have been working for more than 15 years with its catalog serving products that complement our artisan nougatmainly to pastry shops, bakeries and other B2B customers.

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Ludomar Chocolates

Ludomar chocolates are not just any candy. They are an irresistible delicacy for chocolate lovers and are made using selected ingredients and artisanal techniques.

Each Ludomar bonbon is a small masterpiece created with dedication and passion by expert craftsmen. They can be found both in retail-ready cases and in boxes for retail sale or by weight.

You can buy ludomar chocolates from Barcelona as they fit perfectly with any celebration you can think of: Valentine’s Day, birthdays, awards…

In addition, in the Ludomar chocolate catalog there are some sugar-free chocolates, where it has managed to stand out in the world of chocolate with its wide variety of flavors and presentations in elegant cases.

Ludomar Bombones

Ludomar group catalog

The catalog of Artesanal Chocolatera, also known as Ludomar Chocolate Passion, is very varied and has hundreds of references that are organized in different sections. Each section has different objectives to satisfy both the final consumer and to be used in a bakery.

You can download here the Ludomar Chocolates Catalog. Below are the different products from Ludomar’ s general catalog that can be found:

Catálogo de chocolates Ludomar

Depending on the time of the year, in addition to the general catalog, Ludomar offers other special catalogs. These are:

Ludomar Christmas catalog

The Christmas catalog of Chocolates Ludomar is usually included in the general catalog and contains more than 40 references with figures, plates and Christmas lollipops.

Santa Claus, teddy bears, tree balls, reindeer, among others, offer a complete range to brighten up Christmas counters and tables with dark or milk chocolate.

Ludomar Easter catalog

The Ludomar Easter catalog usually comes out every year during the month of January. With more than 300 references, it is possibly the most complete Easter chocolate catalog in the market.

Among its references, this catalog of Ludomar Easter figurines is a great attraction to fill your shop window with products in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

From eggs decorated with colorful designs to solid chocolate bunnies, every piece is a work of edible art.

Ludomar Chocolate Figures, the best.

Ludomar chocolate figures are true masterpieces that delight both the eye and the palate. Each figure is meticulously crafted combining skill, creativity and passion.

In our opinion, attention to detail is a distinctive feature of Ludomar txokolat chocolate figures. The chocolatiers work skillfully to ensure that the figure looks impeccable, from the smooth, shiny texture of the chocolate to the small decorations that adorn them.

In addition, during the Easter celebration, Ludomar chocolate passion Easter chocolate figurines are perfect either as gifts or as table decorations. Each figurine is a testament to the art and passion that Ludomar puts into its creations.

Special editions of Ludomar Chocolatera

Ludomar chocolatier, is proud to celebrate special occasions with its themed products for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. A unique combination of creativity and passion for chocolate.

Ludomar Easter

During Easter, Ludomar brings joy to young and old with its themed chocolate figures. Bunnies, decorated eggs and other symbols of Easter come to life in the hands of Ludomar’s expert chocolatiers, delighting everyone with their exquisite taste and charming appearance.

Ludomar Valentine's Day

During Valentine’s Day every store window can be filled with loving chocolate products. Dark chocolate bonbons or perfectly elaborated truffles will increase the interest of sweet lovers.

Ludomar Hallowen

On Halloween, Ludomar brings to life a range of spooky and fun candies. From candy-filled chocolate pumpkins to chocolate ghosts and witches with enchanting details, its products captivate both children and adults, adding a touch of sweetness to this holiday full of emotions and costumes.

Ludomar Christmas

Finally, during Christmas, Ludomar becomes the perfect partner to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. His creations include reindeer, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and other Christmas symbols made with exquisite chocolate. Each piece is an edible work of art that graces holiday tables and gladdens hearts with its indulgent flavor.

During these festivities, Ludomar demonstrates its expertise in combining tradition and innovation. Their dedication to quality, detail and the magic of chocolate makes each product a unique and memorable experience. Celebrating Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter becomes even more special with Ludomar’s themed products.

Ludomar chocolate and praline toppings

The chocolate coatings for bakery and pralines ludomar are ideal for working in a bakery as they are specially designed for different uses: molding, baths, ice cream, truffles…

The references are as follows:

  • Black Coating: Dark chocolate ranging from 50% to 80%.
  • Milk Chocolate Coating.
  • Ruby Cocoa Coating
  • White Coverage
  • Chocolate of Peru” toppings
Pralines, ideal for fillings, mousses, semifreddos and pastries, are made with lightly roasted nuts to maintain the most original flavor. They are available in hazelnut, almond, pistachio and macadamia nut.

Another of its strong points are the ludomar chocolatier semifreddos.

Semifreddos are a type of almost frozen dessert with an icy foam texture. With Ludomar’s semifreddi you can create fantastic and unique desserts. There are Yogurt, Tiramisu and chocolate ones. Although you can’t miss their no-sugar-added semifreddos with flavors like strawberry or lemon.

Other references of Ludomar's workshop

Within its entire range of products designed for the bakery, the Ludomar Group has many other references in addition to toppings and pralines.

Some of the highlights are their tartlets and cups. With them you can create the best desserts for restaurants and caterings.

Another of its strong points is the large number of decorations and cake plates available: grids, pencils, shavings, sheets, blizzards and hundreds of decorated plates for the best cakes on the market.

In any case, what characterizes Ludomar is the quality of its products. And you, do you know the benefits of chocolate?

Ludomar group barcelona Txokolat

Where is Ludomar Txokolatl Group located?

Ludomar Txokolatl Group is a chocolate company located in Barcelona and its address is: Carrer de la Ciutat d’Asunción, 58. 08030 (Barcelona)