How much nougat to buy at Christmas? Nougat formats

When buying nougat in our store, one of our main doubts is: How much nougat to buy? How many servings of nougat are there in a bar? Which format of nougat is the best? Will I be short of nougat this Christmas?

As we know that when you shop online you lose the spontaneity of live shopping and we can not physically see the product to measure the portions of nougat by eye, we want to help you with this post to choose the perfect format for you.

We will order all our nougat mainly by its format (portion, cut, slice, tablet, cake…) and by how many people can approximately eat each one of them:

Consumption of nougat per person. The portion of nougat:

The recommended serving of nougat for an adult person depends on the type of nougat but, from our experience, we estimate that it is between 70 and 100 grams as an average consumption of nougat.

If nougat is eaten during Christmas, consumption may be reduced to between 35 and 65 grams. Since these are heavier meals.

How to calculate how much nougat to buy?

To calculate how much nougat to buy , it is best to measure by weight. An adult person usually eats a portion of nougat of about 35-65 grams after a meal such as Christmas. If instead of a meal, it is a snack, the consumption can reach 80-90g perfectly.

That said, the following formats are adapted to all needs per person. We have some nougat formats perfect for 2 or 3 people and others where up to 10 people can eat.

Turrón portions in mini-tablet format: Portions

Our portions are equivalent to one serving of nougat per person . We have two types of portions available for purchase in our store, one of 25 grams, individually bagged and portions of 50 grams.

The 50 gram portions are perfect as a snack for children and we also sell them in boxes with Christmas motifs. Super fun. Although you can find them and buy nougat portions here, we leave you some below.

Nougat in slice and tablet format: The ideal portion.

This 150 grams nougat format is equivalent to 4-5 servings. It is perfect for small families of 3 or 4 people, although lately they tend to buy it a lot to have more variety and finish everything in the same dinner. Here are some examples.

Nougat bars: The most classic format.

If you do not know how much nougat to buy this Christmas, we recommend this tablet. This is the typical nougat tablet.

With 300 grams of weight, it is equivalent to 6 or 7 servings of nougat. It is the best-selling nougat format. For the last few years we have also been making 200 gram tablets. They are slightly thinner but the same size.

Torta format nougat. Ideal for sharing

This nougat format is perfect for sharing portions. The round format, also called “coca”, is a classic and possibly the most traditional format to be seen in hard nougats such as Alicante, Guirlache or Turronico. Formerly known as Tortas imperiales (imperial cakes) from Alicante.

They are usually purchased because they are thinner than traditional tablets. In our store you don’t need to calculate how much nougat to buy because we have different weights that you can buy: 100g 200g and 400g. In a 400g nougat cake can eat about 8 – 10 people.

Nougat in family format

The largest nougat format. Its weight is equivalent to 10 servings of nougat and can perfectly serve 10 people. It is called “bar of Catalan nougat” because it used to be bought a lot in Catalonia, where the nougat is usually sold cut.

Buying family nougat is possible with these bars and is somewhat more economical when buying more than 500g.

Another familiar type of nougat is our cubed nougat paste. Perfect for desserts and with the possibility of serving a spoonful of nougat for each guest.

Nougat in blocks

You can find the nougat logs and blocks either in the section of our store dedicated to them or in our nougat pdf catalog.

These blocks of nougat are specially designed for the catering industry, but if there are many of you at home, you might be interested in them.