Nougat Tasting

In turrones la Colmena we have been doing tastings of artisan nougat for years. During the last years and as a consequence of the COVID situation, we decided not to visit the factory for security reasons, but we have kept the nougat tastings so that everyone can taste our products before buying them.

These demonstrations are carried out in our physical nougat store, which is located in our warehouse. It is necessary to call in advance for availability.

Which nougats can be tasted during the reservations?

During the nougat tastings you can taste the most select and classic products of our catalog such as Jijona nougat, Alicante nougat or our stone-baked nougat.

In addition to nougat, you can taste and buy artisan Christmas pastries such as our artisan almond polvorones, or our handmade marzipan figurines.

If you would like to try something in particular you can write in the form what you would like and we will try to prepare what you are looking for.

Risk reduction during the tasting of nougats

During the pandemic, some measures were taken to avoid contagion, which are no longer necessary.
  • All tours and nougat tasting tastings must be booked in advance.
  • In order to reduce risks, we will only offer nougat tastings to couples, families or closed groups of friends.
  • The workers conducting the visits will wear masks and will always be 2 meters away from the group.
  • Before and after each visit, all areas (tasting room, bathrooms, store, etc.) and furniture will be disinfected.
  • The air conditioning will always be on to maintain good ventilation during the nougat tasting.
  • During the artisan nougat tasting it will be mandatory to wear a safety mask, which will only be removed when tasting the products.
  • All visitors must disinfect their hands upon arrival and departure. It can also be disinfected during the artisan nougat tasting.

Nougat tasting: Resources

  • All customers will have different hydroalcoholic gel dispensers distributed throughout the nougat tasting area.
  • In the bathrooms, always disinfected, paper should be used to dry hands instead of towels.
  • Visitors will have to bring their own mask to the tastings.
  • The dataphone is disinfected after each use.
  • All coins and banknotes are disinfected after each tasting.