Secret Santa and Christmas gift ideas

Sometimes having Secret Santa ideas and original gifts is a bit difficult. Since very recently this custom has become very popular in the United States and it is becoming more and more popular among co-workers, friends and even family.

In turrones la Colmena we want to offer you different economic ideas for the invisible friend divided by prices, as this is how it is traditionally done.

As the gifts and details of the Invisible Friend are usually made at Christmas, these ideas are also useful to have a small detail with someone even if you are not an invisible friend.

Here are a series of simple and original gift ideas for Secret Santa: surprise your friends with a gift this Christmas!

Ideas amigo invisible para navidad

Secret Santa gifts up to 10€.

This is possibly the most popular Secret Santa price limit among those who make it. Many sweets and nougats are adapted to this budget, but here we show you the ones that our customers usually choose the most when giving nougats for Secret Santa.

All these products can be gift-wrapped, always indicating this just before payment in the notes to the order.

Secret Santa gifts up to 20€.

If you need ideas to make a Secret Santa gift with a limit we can find the following options. These options are ideal to do if you don’t know what to what to give to a high school or college teacher. Christmas being Christmas is the perfect time to use the wild card of nougats as a gift to a teacher. Believe us they love it.

Gifts for a teacher for less than 30€.

The ideas and gifts for Secret Santa under 30€ that we present are more elaborate and with more flavors than the previous ones. The fact of the wooden box gives it a lot of seriousness if you are looking for a serious Secret Santa gift , this option is usually very popular.

El aguinaldo: Secret Santa gifts and Christmas gifts.

In this section we wanted to add special gift ideas for teachers. Ideally, several students should get together and give something very original as a Christmas gift. With little more than a few € you can make really sweet details.

Ideas and gifts for teachers and professors

One thing is for sure when it comes to teacher gifts: They must be wrapped. In turrones la colmena we take care that the gifts of the masters are perfectly wrapped. Here are some images with examples.