Jijona Christmas Fair 2022

The Jijona Christmas Fair is an event held annually since 2009 in Jijona (Alicante) and is visited by more than 95,000 visitors annually, surpassing year after year.

This annual event, also called “La Feria del Turrón de Jijona”, is held just 15 km north of Alicante and features more than 30 exhibitors and nougat manufacturers selling their products directly to the public.

All exhibitors show at the Christmas nougat fair a wide variety of handmade products and make them directly available to the public at their stands. Would you like to learn more? Continue reading.

Expositor en el certamen de navidad de Jijona

When is the Jijona Christmas Fair 2022?

The 2022 edition of the Christmas Fair will be held on December 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2022 . This edition will be the longest in history and will feature more than 30 turroneros and turroneras. This fair is held during the first long weekend of December.

What to do at the Christmas Fair?

In addition to being able to buy Km0 products directly from the manufacturer, the Jijona Christmas Fair is prepared to receive more than 95,000 people every year and during its celebration activities are organized every day to entertain visitors.

Among these activities there is a great program of activities with tastings, guided tours, musical performances, Christmas crafts, nougat making demonstrations, ect….

All these activities take place just a few minutes away from the Jijonenca Christmas fair and market. Some in a big tent in front of the town hall. So you won’t have to walk far. These activities are divided among all the days in an extensive program that you will find below.

Turrones La Colmena en la feria de Jijona
Horarios de la exposición de turrones de Jijona

Where to park at the Jijona Christmas Fair

During the event of the Xixona Christmas Fair , the city council enables different parking areas scattered throughout the city. Any of them are always close to the main roads and are properly signposted. In addition, all of them are less than a 10-minute walk from the city center, so the parking problem is not an excuse.

Where to eat at the XIII Christmas Fair in Jijona

You will find restaurants and bars where to eat during the Christmas fair in Jijona, many of them on the main street. We recommend you to book in advance in any of them since there are a lot of people.

One of the options we recommend to eat during the Christmas fair is to visit the “FoodTrukcs” area. is to visit the “FoodTrukcs” area as they offer different culinary proposals in the open air and with tables scattered throughout the area to sit freely.

Para de turrones y dulces durante el salón del turrón de Navidad de Jijona

Turrones La Colmena at Christmas Fair

Turrones la colmena has participated in all editions of the Christmas fair in Jijona and we have many memories and anecdotes of each year. It is impossible to count them all!

During each edition of the Jijona nougat fair, the Jijona nougat The event was a great opportunity to taste nougat and attend workshops of different kinds. The vast majority of these workshops are organized by the merchants of Jijona themselves, showing visitors how they make their products live.

We would like to highlight our participation in the toasted egg yolk workshop at the Jijona Fair, where we toasted egg yolk in front of everyone and then distributed it to the public. We love it! This way, turroneros will bring the turron directly to your homes with the same advantages and offers as during the traditional turron fair.

Anyway, if you want to come, our nougat store is open during the is open during the fair days, enjoying the same special prices that we do during the fair with more tranquility.

Previous editions of the Christmas Fair

This year, as the health situation does not allow us to carry out our Christmas fair and exhibition of Jijona in person, it has been decided to organize it virtually. Making online purchases.

The organizers have developed a website that will include detailed information and a direct link to the store of each of the participating turroneros. The main objective is to be able to buy artisan nougat online at the same price as at the fair.

The traditional virtual Christmas Fair will be held from December 4 to 8, 2020 (Constitution Day).

Origin of the Christmas Fair

More than 100 years ago, a christmas market of nougat and sweets in the population but the origin of the Christmas Fair was born from the concern of some merchants of the XXI century to sell their products directly to the consumer, since in the last decades sales had dropped considerably due to the large supermarkets.

After a few years and after much work, the Christmas and nougat fair became a reality and currently receives more than 95,000 people annually, reaching record numbers year after year and expanding the number of activities and exhibitors.

Possibly, the most special year was 2020 where after much effort and waiting, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Jijona Nougat Fair was held virtually, thus avoiding any danger of contagion and enjoying the Christmas spirit from home.

Discounts and offers on nougat during the nougat fair in Jijona.

Turrones la Colmena participates in the  Firade Nadal de Xixona since its first edition offering special prices during the event. That is why during the ChristmasFair 2022 we will continue with the tradition of offering a “Fair Price” in our product catalog.

  • Fair prices in all our nougat catalog.
  • Special prices in our Artisan Bakery…
  • In our nougat store, we have the same prices we have the same prices but in addition, you will be able to try the products.
Turrones artesanos de la feria de Navidad de Jijona

Our location at the Christmas Fair 2022

Our stand at the Jijona nougat and Christmas Fair has always been located at numbers 92, 93, 94 and 95. We have a quadruple booth! To place it among all the booths, it is necessary to stand in front of the pharmacy and a few meters from the town hall.

In one of our stands we have artisan nougat of all kinds and flavors and in our second stand we have hundreds of chocolate products. What do you like best?

Although we are present at the fair, we are also ready to welcome you at our home. You will find us at Polígono Industrial Revolta de la Paella. Road CV-800 Km.14. Nave 6.

We are just before Jijona if you are coming from Alicante. There is room to park and no crowds. You will find more information in the following link of our physical store of nougat in Jijona.

Ubicación en mercado de Navidad 2022

Nougat Fair: Buy nougat through this online form

If all of the above overwhelms you and you want to buy Christmas Fair nougat from anywhere in Spain we make it easy: Search in our social networks the discount code associated with the Christmas Fair that we activate only on Fair days.

We remind you that the virtual nougat fair allows you to buy nougat in a 100% secure way directly from the manufacturer.

Discounts and offers on nougat during the nougat fair in Jijona.

All exhibitors will offer discounts If all of the above overwhelms you and you want to buy nougat from the Christmas Fair from anywhere in Spain we make it easy: Search our social networks for the discount code associated with the Christmas Fair that we activate only the days of the Fair.

We remind you that the nougat market allows you to buy nougat and Christmas sweets in a 100% safe way directly from the manufacturer.

Feria de Navidad turrones y dulces

Posters of previous editions of the Christmas Nougat Fair

Turrones La Colmena en la feria de Jijona

Having attended this event organized year after year by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Xixona: AEX and actively participate in it, it brings us very good memories to have the posters of all the Christmas fairs of Jijona on our website exposed.

As you can see it all started being very familiar (the same poster repeated 4 times) and little by little began to create what is known today as the biggest Christmas nougat fair in the world.