World Nougat Day, November 7th.

The World Nougat Day is a commemoration that is celebrated every November 7 worldwide with the aim of promoting the consumption of this traditional Mediterranean sweet, or so it is intended because recently the procedures have been initiated to designate the day November 7 as the world nougat day.

This initiative has been joined by the City Council of Jijona, the Provincial Council of the province of Alicante, the IGP Regulatory Council of Turrón de Jijona and Alicante and companies in the nougat and chocolate sector, among which we, Turrones La Colmena, are one of them.

If the proposal is successful, it will be put to a vote at the UN General Assembly and November 7 will be designated as the date of the UN General Assembly. international nougat day. The day that deserves the artisan nougat in the Valencian Community and throughout the world.

Objectives of the international nougat day.

The World Nougat Day aims to give visibility to a sweet with centuries of history and tradition behind it. Both Jijona nougat and Alicante nougat are unique and traditional products of the Mediterranean gastronomy that possibly are not being given the importance they deserve, both gastronomically and historically.

One of the objectives of celebrating nougat day worldwide is to encourage its consumption throughout the year. Throughout history, eating nougat has been limited only to Christmas. Now, in the XXI Century, the aim of the Jijonenca companies is to promote its consumption throughout the year, either in the traditional way or using it in recipes with nougat.

Another of the objectives of celebrating a world nougat day is to eliminate the belief that this sweet is not a healthy food when there are data that show that the opposite is true. The original recipe for this product has been made in the same way for centuries, using only natural ingredients in its preparation.

Ours are made with a percentage of 70% almonds and 20% honey. Ingredients rich in Vitamins A, B and E. 100% natural products. The remaining ingredients (10%) are sugar and egg white. 0% artificial products. We think that nougat deserves to have its own world day, and much more.

Jijona and Alicante nougat day

When one thinks of nougat is impossible not to think of Jijona and this traditional sweet and this population are inseparable therefore, every November 7 will be held the world day of nougat Jijona and Alicante, always with designation of origin and its authentic flavor. Our original flavor.

The Jijonenca elaboration of nougat dates back to the XVI century, the oldest known, and in the town there are centenary companies that elaborate it (for example our company, which has been commercializing since 1854). That is why in Xixona we have a unique seal granted by a Regulatory Council that protects it from low quality imitations. The name Jijona assures quality, unlike others.

Why November 7? Will it be held worldwide?

The choice of the date of the November 7 as the world day of nougat is neither casual nor random in the calendar. The nougat is made with marcona almonds, a nut that is harvested during the month of September. During the month of October nougat was made and approximately, the Jijonencos began to sell their nougat after All Saints’ Day.

In honor of those first Jijonencos turroneros and the fact that on those dates our turrones begin to be sold all over the world, November 7 has been chosen as the world nougat day. A perfect date.

It is expected that this international nougat day will be celebrated worldwide since our sweet is consumed in hundreds of countries around the world: France, Italy or Germany and even in Cuba, Argentina or  Colombia, passing through Japan and Russia.

The world nougat day should not be confused with the Christmas Fair, which is held the first weekend of December in Jijona.

World Day of Jijona and Alicante nougat: Sign the petition

From Turrones la Colmena we think that nougat deserves to have its international day . If you also think so, you can sign for the world nougat day from here. In the web you will find more information and you can sign the petition from here. We have already signed.

Happy World Nougat Day!