Organic nougats and sweets

Buying organic nougat or certified organic chocolate is often complicated. In for years we have been selling the best organic chocolates and nougats that you can find. We manufacture them handmade in our factory in Jijona.

All our range of organic nougats and chocolates is certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV), that means that all our organic nougats that you can buy are made with certified raw materials following a careful selection and harvesting process.

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In addition to being organic nougats and sweets, our nougats from Jijona and Alicante have the seal of Denomination of Origin of the Regulatory Council of Jijona and a PGI certificate, a certificate that guarantees that the raw materials are Mediterranean and of the highest quality.

We are among the few that we sell ECO candies with TRIPLE certificate. Guarantee of organic nougat and synonymous with the highest quality.

In ourorganic online store   you will find a wide range of organic artisan sweets. You can find the famous organic Jijona and Alicante nougats, the delicious organic stoneground nougat, our fantastic polvorones and organic chocolates.

If you want to see our organic certificates that guarantee that our sweets are genuinely organic, just ask for it.

Classification and types of organic artisan sweets:

Turrones la Colmena began to manufacture a range of organic sweets as a result of our constant research and innovation. Perfectly packaged to maintain freshness, our priority is always to maintain the best quality in our products.

In our organic range of nougats and chocolates that you can buy we have:

  • Traditional organic Jijona and Alicante nougats. Certified by the regulatory council of nougat and with denomination of origin.
  • Organic guirlache nougat. Typical sweet from Aragon with almonds and honey certified organic.
  • Ecological stone-baked nougat. Vegan Nougat. With almonds, sugar and cinnamon. 100% organic. Nothing more.
  • Pure chocolate nougat with organic almonds. The best organic chocolate on the market. And it’s vegan!
  • Organic liquid nougat for cooking: Perfect for cooking and ice cream shops.
  • Organic almond polvorones: Our best organic almond polvorones now made with 100% organic almonds.

How are the organic sweets we sell made?

The manufacturing process of our certified organic nougats and sweets is exactly the same as that of a traditional nougat. The most important difference is the origin of the raw material: Honey, almonds, sugar and other ingredients come from certified organic farming of the highest quality.

Another difference is that the entire eco range that we sell in our store is manufactured on separate machinery from the rest of the “conventional” sweets. This is the only way to ensure that our organic nougat is 100% organic.

The entire manufacturing process of our organic sweets is subjected to constant inspections to certify that our raw material is 100% organic, that is, we manufacture a nougat that does not use any type of pesticide or chemical element from the germination process, harvesting or in the final manufacturing process.

We understand an organic sweet as something special. Something to be treated with care, that is why our ecological catalog is not very extensive.

Are organic sweets healthier?

No. That a nougat or candy is organic means that its ingredients come from organic agriculture and that its manufacturing process is controlled by an official and independent body, ensuring that it is so.

The seals you will find below are from the organic agriculture committee of the Valencian Community and they are the ones who certify our organic sweets year after year.

The most natural nougat. Free of preservatives and colorants.

All the nougat made at La Colmena, whether organic or not, never contains artificial colorings or preservatives. Our secret? An artisan production combined with sugar and honey, natural preservatives that make our products can boast of being completely healthy.

One of the sweets that you can find in our organic online store are our certified organic chocolates . Its exceptional flavor and smooth texture mixed with the best almonds from the Mediterranean basin make it a unique and special product. Our range of eco chocolates is blended with the best quality almonds.