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Turrones la Colmena is a company specialized in the sale of nougat for professional and bulk sales focused on retail and for the professional sector. From this section we offer our best products to companies and businesses in artisan nougat.

Years of experience in the sector endorse us in the manufacture and sale of artisan nougat and sweets for companies. Our bet is always to create a quality product, that adapts to your company and always manufactured under the watchful eye of master artisan nougat makers. Let us be your nougat distributor.

Nougat for pastry shops, bakeries, confectioneries and ice cream parlors.

We serve cubes of nougat paste and nougat cream in various formats. This nougat for professionals is intended to be worked in a professional bakery. The cubes are of 5kg and 10kg weight and you will find two variants: Granulated liquid nougat, with almond pieces, and refined liquid nougat.

Our liquid or cream nougats can be used to create cakes, sauces, ice cream or an endless number of recipes and products. They can also be used with meats or simply spread on bread. Do not hesitate to ask us for information about this product.

The best online candy catalog for the professional and HORECA sector.

Our long experience selling products in the professional sector has made that our service is currently very varied: pastry shops, confectioneries, caterings, horeca sector (hotels, restaurants and cafeterias), gourmet stores and spaces, multiproduct stores, organic supermarkets. .. All of them put their trust in our products year after year.

Our catalog always has a wide range of nougats and handmade chocolates manufactured with the utmost care to ensure unparalleled quality.

If you are a company and you want to buy nougats and chocolates consult our nougat and chocolate B2B catalog and do not hesitate to contact us to solve any doubt. In addition to the products you can see in this online store we have other references and special formats for companies and professionals.

Personalized nougat with corporate logo.

In recent years it has been a success to buy customized nougat . In Turrones La Colmena, being nougat manufacturers, we have total freedom to customize nougats and chocolates with the corporate logo of your company. All this without the need to place a minimum order.

If you want to know the different options for the customization of nougat and sweets, you can visit our section dedicated to customizable nougat by clicking here or contact us directly through the form below.

Multiple formats

Our formats are adapted to all sectors. For ice cream parlors, restaurants or a hotel. Contact us at

No minimum order

You manage all the stock, we serve you the quantities you need.

Special discounts

Whatever your sector, we offer discounts on our products.

Commercial in Zone

Thanks to our sales representatives in the area we can help you in a more direct and personal way.

Flexible Payment

We offer different payment facilities that you won't even know you are replenishing stock.

A product for you.
100% Customized

We offer you the possibility to customize each of our products to suit your business.

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Where to buy nougat in bulk for companies? We offer facilities.

In we are professionals in selling nougat in bulk and in quantities for companies. We have different formats dedicated to the professional world and to the free service and cutting. Whether to sell nougat in bulk or to use as an ingredient in cooking, we take care that it is ready.

Our company offers a flexible, convenient and adaptable service to meet your needs , large or small. If you are interested, do not hesitate to ask for our conditions and rates. No minimum order.

Nougat Wholesaler. Jijona and Alicante nougat in large blocks

One of the most popular options are our nougat blocks of different weights. The block of nougat with denomination of origin has 6.7kg and the Alicante nougat with the same denomination has a total weight of 5.4kg. SThey can be served whole or cut into bars. We do this because some professionals prefer to pack their nougat themselves to sell.

When we sell nougat in large quantities for the professional sector, such as our blocks and mini-blocks, the price per unit is fixed by weight. The weight of each block is determined by the mold where, during its manufacture, it is prepared. Each one of these blocks of artisan nougat for sale is weighed by hand one by one. If you want to buy our nougat by weight, please consult the different options we have available.

Sale of nougat by weight: Special services to companies

We have nougat that can be used to prepare delicious professional restaurant recipes. These nougats are prepared with the same processes and ingredients as traditional nougat.

Some of the different nougat specialties we have are our liquid nougat, served in 5 and 10 liter buckets or our aforementioned blocks of nougat with different weights. All these nougat formats are perfectly adapted to the catering sector. If you have any questions about our products, please call us and we will explain in detail.

Wholesaler of bulk sweets for professional caterings.

Do you have a professional caterer? Everyone knows that good catering should be characterized by the three “B’s”. Good service, good food and a good dessert! Let us help you with the latter.

Whether it is our traditional Jijona or Alicante nougat bars, our special chocolate or buying our liquid nougat to make your own delicious homemade desserts, we have what you are looking for. Right now you can buy nougat in large quantities.

Lots of nougat for companies.

As a company, you can’t forget to buy Christmas gifts for your employees. If you are looking for lots and packs of nougat to give as a Christmas gift to your employees, we have the best and at the best price. The nougat batches, having a seasonal objective, are specially prepared individually one by one. Ask us about the different options and customizations.

Advantages of buying nougat wholesale at

Years of experience support us in this sector and there are many advantages of to buy nougat and Christmas sweets wholesale. But the most important are the following:

  • We have the best catalog of nougat, candies and chocolates for professionals available.
  • We offer the support of anexperienced nougat wholesaler We have been working since 1854!
  • We offer easy purchase of wholesale nougat. Without intermediaries. From the factory to your home.
  • Cheap wholesale nougat. We offer great discounts on nougat and sweets for buying large quantities. We manage your stock.
  • Wholesale candy shipmentsin 24 hours.
  • Direct communication in everything related to of nougat in large quantities.

If you want start a business relationship with Turrones la Colmena contact us through the form and start buying and selling wholesale nougat at the best price.

Wholesalers and suppliers of nougat, chocolate and candies.

Although we have been manufacturing artisan nougat for more than a century and our nougats are sold all over Europe, we are also representatives of important brands. Chocolates Ludomar is one of them. Please contact us if you would like information on any of the following product catalogs.

Chocolates and Chocoaltes Ludomar

Download their catalog by clicking on the image. If you are interested in any of their products, please contact us.