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In this section you will find the best deals on nougat and sweets so you can enjoy your favorite sweets without overspending.

It’s quite possible that you won’t find the cheapest nougat in the worldBecause in addition to using high quality raw materials, we are a small family business that can not compete with large multinationals and supermarkets. Don’t wait any longer and place your order today!

Ofertas en Turrón y dulces

Offers in Nougats and sweets

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Oferta en turrones y dulces

Which nougats are usually on promotion?

There is usually a rotation of promotional nougats depending on the season or month. It is possible that products with a shorter best-before date, such as the so-called artisan nougats (toasted yolk nougat, marzipan figurines…), may be on sale more frequently due to liquidation. But sometimes small variations in production may occur and we may want to have less stock of a product.

Production variations tend to occur more in small products such as nougat portions or nougat-filled chocolates. Since they are small, any misalignment tends to increase.

Even so, you can find classic nougats on offer such as chocolate nougat or Alicante and Jijona nougat.

Are the nougats on offer in bad condition or expired?

No, never. The nougat on offer are not in poor condition or expired. It is possible that the best-before date may be close but never closer than 2/3 months.

These These nougats are either discounted or because of liquidation or because we have had a mismatch with the stock. Never because the product is expired or in bad condition or because it has imperfections.

Do you sell surplus or overstock offerings to the public?

Our company policy does not accept returns or leftovers, so no, we will not sell you nougat on sale of something that could not be sold elsewhere. All the nougat comes directly from our factory following our quality standards.