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Buying chocolate online is the sweet tooth’s favorite hobby. Who doesn’t like it? In Jijona we are experts in sweets and our chocolates can boast of being a highly valued high quality product.

To sell chocolates online you have to have courage: pure chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with almonds, filled with nougat… We have a large catalog of chocolates that you can buy from our website.

Buy chocolate

Truffles and pralines

Chocolate specialties

You don’t have to be Swiss or Belgian to buy chocolate . We have a variety of excellent quality. It will not be the largest catalog in the world but we try to make it the best. You won’t be able to stop eating!

Types of handmade chocolates to buy online

Before buying chocolate you should know that there are as many types on the market as there are formats available.

On our website you can buy chocolates in many forms: From the typical milk chocolate nougat bar to chocolates for Valentine’s Day but one thing is clear. Ours stands out for being the best.

We have pure chocolate bars with more than 70% cocoa minimum and chocolate coating.

In Turrones la Colmena we continue with the centenary tradition of chocolate using only the best raw materials and manufacturing it weekly. No Oompa Loompa, though, like Willy Wonka. However, we never keep chocolate bars or units in stock.

In this category you will find the best chocolate to buy organized in different sections.

  • Traditional chocolate nougat with almonds. Sold in a number of formats to suit every situation. As tablets or medallions. There are packs that will allow you to save a little money. The best gift.
  • Not so traditional but delicious chocolates. Whiskey, Cointreau, orange, coffee. Try them all!
  • Chocolate bonbons. A bonboniere Nuts coated with the best chocolate. Almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts.
  • A fantastic range of chocolate coated dragées perfect for gift giving
  • Truffles and pralines, a range that melts in the mouth.
  • Certified organic chocolates, the best on the market.
  • Chocolate coated candied fruit sticks or bars. Our famous naranjines.
  • Chocolate Figurines: We don’t usually send these because they break, but if you are interested, write to us. There are cows, chocolate eggs, a tukan, chocolate cars. Ideal for Easter.

If you are a professional or if you like it a lot and want to give some as a gift, you can buy chocolate in boxes of 1kg to 10kg.

What is the best brand of chocolate to buy?

All the chocolates you are going to buy are premium. Including milk chocolate. Some call it Deluxe chocolate. In turrones la Colmena we do not sell sweets or cheap candies. Our catalog may not be the largest in the market but there is a reason for that: to maintain a quality standard above all competition.

The main chocolate brands we sell are our own: Turrones La Colmena and Turrones San Jorge. We do not sell all the brands in the world like Milka or Nestlé and as we have said before, we never keep chocolate in stock.

If you like to buy good chocolate or you know someone this is your place. The best sweet gifts on the market. You don’t need to look any further than a good product.

Video: How artisan chocolate is made.

Here is a short video of how we make the chocolate that you can buy on our website.

Buying cheap chocolates: Their value.

Buying cheap chocolate depends largely on chocolate prices and the units you want to buy. Therefore, one bag is not the same as 5 boxes. There is a pack to save a little money.

The value of chocolate is established on the basis of the price of cocoa beans, its main raw material. Some can be between €50 per kilo and others can reach over €90.

The origin of cocoa dates back to the discovery of America, since in Europe there was no plant from which to extract the fruit. Gradually he joined the kitchen. At first, chocolate was bitter, then it was sweetened with sugar until it became what it is today.

Another important aspect is the stock. If a large quantity is produced in a short time and stored, it is possible to reduce the cost of production. This is one thing we never do.

Finally, the price of chocolate varies depending on whether it is mixed with any other raw material, such as almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias or sugar. A cheap chocolate usually has a lot of sugar.

What is the ideal temperature for preserving chocolate?

The ideal temperature for keeping chocolate should be between 16 Cº and 20 Cº. A temperature close to room temperature. The important thing is that there are no sudden temperature changes. Established brands such as Nestlé are well aware of this.

In this company we have a special warehouse for this type of products derived from cocoa and choco. This room maintains a temperature of exactly 18ºC throughout the year, guaranteeing a product in perfect condition at all times.

Chocolate shipments are always shipped in thick cardboard boxes that keep the chocolate and preserve it from sudden changes in temperature. The chocolates are shipped in such a way that they arrive in the best state of conservation. Even in summer.

When you receive bars of your favorite candy at home, you can store them perfectly in a cupboard.

Buy chocolate at home

We offer you to buy chocolate at home in a simple way. We ship in maximum 48 hours to your door. If you need to make a gift, contact us via chat and we will answer your questions.

Tell us how many units approx. If it is a chocolate gift, we will tell you approximately when it will arrive.

Once shipped home, how do we keep it?

Buying chocolate is not always easy. Chocolate is a difficult product to keep all year round. Especially dark chocolate.

It must be understood that they are not treats to be eaten at untimely hours. Frequent temperature changes affect it, causing it to change its color and texture. This is one of the main reasons why we do not keep units in stock.

Chocolate should always be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight where the temperature is maintained. The changes between night and day, depending on the area of Spain, may be sufficient to change some properties of the product. This does not mean that it is bad, but its properties are affected and its color is not as dark or its flavor is less intense.

Buy chocolates for the kitchen

Buying chocolate for the kitchen is commonplace. All the chocolate we make can be used in recipes for toppings or cakes and even to prepare nuts with chocolate. You need to know that it is Chocolate Chocolate.

As it is very good, you will not need many grams to make chocolate snacks. All chocolate melts very well, both dark and white chocolate.