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In this category you can find and buy traditional and artisan preserves such as pure bee honey, aspencat or pericana. Typical canned food from Alicante.

Tradition and years of experience blend together to create unique and incomparable products. Authentic gastronomic treasures of the province of Alicante created to maintain and consume products from the countryside and enjoy them throughout the year.

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If you want to buy the most select delicatessen products our online store is the best place to do it. Buying typical products is the ideal way to support the local business and surprise your table with real Alicante delicacies that are very difficult to find.

Some of the Mediterranean and artisan canned food products that are on this website are not in our catalog of artisan nougats and sweets. They are made by lifelong friends of ours that we have met at craft fairs. All products under strict quality controls and are products of proximity to your reach through this portal.

In addition, the products in this section have the seal of craftsmanship of the Valencian community that ensures that they are manufactured in the traditional way. If you have any doubt about any of these
Mediterranean preserves
do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Artisan preserves that you can buy here

All the canned food and traditional homemade Mediterranean products that you can buy on our website are made daily in a specialized workshop following centuries-old family recipes. All canned products are shipped directly to your home vacuum-packed to maintain the freshness and original flavor of the product. As it has been done all our lives. Our priority is always to maintain the highest quality in all our products.

In this category you will find all the traditional canning jars that you can buy distributed and classified in categories.

We have many types of homemade canned food for sale in our catalog, below we show you the best classification of Mediterranean products on the Internet.

  • Traditional canned food from Alicante: Sold in glass jars, they have the perfect format for sharing. Vacuum-packed to ensure their perfect condition. All these preserves have their origin in keeping food out of the harvesting season. Among the canned products, the following are worth mentioning:
    • Pericana de Muro de Alcoy: Also called “pipes i carasses” this typical sauce from the Alcoy region is highly valued gastronomically for its original flavor. Dried peppers, extra virgin olive oil and cod. Pericana is also made with salted cod in Alicante, in Mutxamel and in towns in the Serra de Mariola.
    • Aspencat: Also called espencat, esgarraet or escalivada, it is a roasted red bell pepper salad with cod, garlic and olive oil. Delicious.
    • Dried tomatoes with herbs in extra virgin olive oil: Nothing more to add. The best tomatoes naturally dried in the Mediterranean sun in extra virgin olive oil from a cooperative.
    • Traditional homemade olive pate: The best olives, natural herbs, garlic and olive oil. Naturally.
    • Dried tomato pate with olive oil.
  • Buy 100% pure raw bee honey online: The same honey we use to make our nougat. This artisanal honey is not from sugar cane, it is direct from the honeycomb. All the honey is collected by hand in beehives. All-natural honey. There is rosemary honey, orange tree honey, milflores honey and many other types of honey.
  • A fantastic range of artisan jams perfect to eat with toast or cheese. The best artisan jam on the market that you can buy.

Pericana Alcoyana recipe. How is the pericana de Muro de Alcoy with codfish made? Video: