Nougat assortments

Are you looking for Artisan nougat assortments? Do you want to buy a selection of assorted Christmas nougats to give to your friends or employees?

In turrones “La Colmena” we have years of experience preparing Christmas assortments of artisan nougat . So much experience has allowed us to know firsthand the needs of each type of company to always find the perfect assortment. Below we show you different lots of christmas sweets for gifts that we sell in our store.

Nougat Assortments

Wooden nougat boxes and assortments

Assorted Christmas candies

Buying the typical original assorted Christmas baskets with nougat is a Christmas tradition. All the nougat from Jijona and Alicante in these lots has the unique seal of the Regulatory Council’s Denomination of Origin.

Our nougat selections in wooden boxes are ideal as gifts for friends and family.

Buy assorted Christmas nougat online.

In our online store you can find the appropriate assortment for each of your engagements.

In our catalog of Christmas baskets we have a wide range of sizes and prices to suit all needs and budgets. All our selections and lots are handcrafted and decorated with Christmas motifs.

Types and classification of Christmas assortments for gift giving

There are as many gift assortment possibilities as there are companies. thanks to its experience has managed to select a series of economic Christmas assortments for all budgets and tastes.

Below is a general classification of the lots and selections that you will find in our online store and in our candy catalog.

  • Selections of nougat, the most complete Christmas lot. Our classification of nougats begins with an unbeatable selection of artisan nougats . Possibly one of the most complete options we have as it has a compendium of all our classic nougats. The nougat selection is presented in a beautiful wooden box with assorted images.
  • Christmas assortments: Assortment of nougat to give as a gift. They are reduced versions of our selections. Our assortments are presented in wooden or metal boxes. Your basic kit to spend Christmas
  • Classic nougat packs and nougat boxes: The favorite of our customers for being economic and complete nougat assortments. Presented in beautiful wooden boxes.
  • Surprise and Santa Claus gifts: These are our gift sets decorated with Christmas motifs. This is a very original and special gift. Lots and packs in a nice metal box with Christmas motifs. We also have a Santa Claus gift bag full of nougat and candy.

What is the difference between a basket and a Christmas assortment?

The difference between a Christmas basket and an assortment is very simple. The traditional Christmas baskets are presented in a wicker basket with Christmas elements decorating the scene, while the Christmas packages are presented in a wooden or metallic decorated box and appeared in the search for greater efficiency in transportation.

Why buy cheap Christmas baskets?

Famous since time immemorial, Christmas baskets and lots of nougat are one of the best gifts to give at Christmas. A batch of artisan nougat is shared and enjoyed with the whole family. In addition, the price-quantity ratio is perfect; if we wanted to buy all the nougats and sweets that compose it separately, it would cost us much more.

What do these Christmas baskets contain?

Our Christmas packages contain our best artisan nougat and other sweets from our nougat catalog. In our selections you will find from the traditional Turrones from Jijona and Alicante to the most exclusive typical pastries.