Nougat blocks

Are you a professional looking for nougat blocks? Take a look at the ones we have. All are Supreme Quality.

Our artisan nougat blocks can be purchased whole or cut. Many bakeries order the nougat in blocks to cut it themselves, but in the case of hard nougat blocks, they are usually served pre-cut in boxes and wrapped in a bag that keeps them in their optimum state.

The soft-textured nougat blocks, also called blocks of cut nougat, are vacuum-packed to maintain their freshness until the moment of consumption.

Nougat Blocks

Our nougat blocks. Delicious and sweet nougat monoliths within everyone’s reach. Due to their quality, the artisan blocks from Jijona and Alicante bear the seal of Denomination of Origin. Unique seal that guarantees a controlled and handcrafted production process.

Soft and hard nougat blocks for pastry shops

Many bakeries and confectioneries order whole blocks of nougat from us, as they are in charge of wrapping and selling it themselves. As it is not necessary to put it in the refrigerator, it is ideal to cut and have it exposed to customers, although once opened, we recommend that it be consumed within 30 days and kept in a cool, dry place.

These whole nougat cubes can be used to make all kinds of ice creams and desserts, but they are mainly used for final sale and to prepare batches of nougat.

In turrones la colmena we have many types of hard and soft nougat blocks, do not hesitate to add any of them to your cart.

  • Blocks of soft nougat: Granulated jijona nougat, chocolate nougat, egg yolk nougat, toasted egg yolk nougat, almond and honey nougat…
  • Blocks of hard nougat: Alicante, hazelnut, chocolate…
  • Sugar-free nougat blocks: Specially made for diabetics, our nougat blocks with no added sugars are among the best on the market.

Video: How to make block nougat

In the following video you can see some scenes where you can see how we make our nougat blocks . Especially you can see the elaboration of blocks of Jijona and Alicante nougat, nougat made with almonds and honey.

Each manufacturing part of our nougat blocks is produced in different batches to ensure its success and continuity of production. We do not manufacture them all at once and in large quantities.

What is the use of nougat in blocks and large formats?

The nougats in block have different uses and it is curious to note how in each part of Spain can vary but generally they are:

  • Cut blocks of nougat. The most common way for our customers is to cut and wrap the nougat themselves. Customers will enjoy watching a large block of nougat being cut.
  • Nougat blocks for bakeries. Many of our other customers are traditional bakeries or ice cream parlors that use nougat as decoration. These nougat logs are ideal for that. They can also be used in recipes to make, for example, nougat flan and cakes.
  • Block nougat for hotels and hotels: Some of our customers are hotels or hotels that take the whole blocks and cut them themselves into small pieces, as if they were bread, much more convenient than opening 1000 bars of nougat. Or to use it in gourmet cooking recipes.

Buy nougat in bulk

If you are looking to buy nougat in bulk you should know that the price of nougat is set by weight. Prices vary depending on the type of nougat, as there are certain ingredients that increase the price considerably, such as almonds.

Being blocks of artisan nougat if you are looking for something cheap you will not find it here because we only elaborate supreme quality in all our sweets. For our company, the raw material of the nougat blocks that you can buy here is very important.

The large bricks of nougat are shipped perfectly packaged by express courier and usually arrive in 24/48 working hours. Now, if you are a private customer, the delivery driver will flip out with a delivery of several kilos of nougat.

The Jijona nougat in block that you can buy here is one of the best you can find: 70% almond and 17% honey.

Allergy to our nougat blocks

All our nougat blocks contain some naturally occurring allergens such as nuts. The only nougat we make without nuts is the coconut nougat block. The rest of the blocks may contain egg, peanut, milk or soy. The best thing to do is to consult us.
The only allergen that our nougats do not contain is GLUTEN.
If you want more information about our blocks of nougat, we recommend you to contact us directly.