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Buying Halloween candy has recently become a necessity because kids love to celebrate. It’s been a few decades since this Anglo-Saxon holiday of Halloween has entered our homes to stay. Our proposal is clear: Why not offer good, healthy and traditional sweets from here?

This custom consists of children knocking on doors on the night of November 30, dressed in a terrifying costume, asking for candy and offering the famous “Trick or treat”: The deal is to take the candy they want. sweets of Halloween The trick is a threat of a terrifying prank on the owners of the house.

In our online store we make it easy for you to buy Halloween candy in a simple and safe way. Supreme Quality Sweets handmade with love and tradition. You’re sure to love them! Here is a wide variety of candies and chocolate to give as Halloween gifts .

Buy candy for halloween

Traditional All Saints' Day sweets

Buy personalized Halloween candy.

As we know that this year 2020 will be a bit special and many children will not go home to celebrate a COVID Halloween, in Turrones La Colmena we have designed a special packaging to celebrate Halloween at home.

The Halloween candies that you can buy in our store are the same that you can find in other sections of the web but without the personalization.

Personalized Nougats are an example of this year’s adaptation to a party. We can customize with other motifs if desired.

Buy healthy and wholesome treats for Halloween

It seems impossible to think that there is such a thing as healthy Halloween candy . When people talk about Halloween, they often associate the concept of Halloween with low-quality candy. Low-priced artificial candies composed almost entirely of sugar with coloring to make them more appealing to children.

Our homemade Halloween candies are handmade without the use of artificial colors or preservatives and, if you look at the composition of ingredients, you will notice that no product is made with a high percentage of sugars among its ingredients.

All our sweets are made with a nut base. Then there are secondary ingredients, such as honey or chocolate. In addition, all these nougats are guaranteed to be of good quality as they are certified by the regulatory board of nougat from Jijona and Alicante.

Undoubtedly, if you want to buy original candies for Halloween this is your place.

The origin of Halloween. Since when do you give candy as a gift?

Although the origin of giving candy on Halloween is usually associated with the United States, the origin of this holiday goes back a long time. Halloween costumes and candy have their origin in the ancient Celtic culture. This celebration was known as Samhain (end of summer) and celebrated the end of the summer harvest. In this way, they started the ‘Celtic New Year’.

Many cultures give and buy candy for Halloween, including the Celts, who believed that on the night of October 31, the dead returned, at least spiritually. To defend themselves from this return from beyond the grave, people had the custom of disguising themselves with terrifying masks and clothes and were offered food as payment for not being attacked. This tradition, in some areas, was adopted by the Roman people when they invaded the Celtic people.

Halloween 2020 date: When is trick-or-treating?

Although Halloween will be a little different this year because of COVID-19, this year 2020, Halloween candy and treats will be trick-or-treating on Saturday night, November 31, with sunset.