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Glazed chestnuts

15,40  IVA inc.

A little piece of paradise on earth. This glazed chestnuts that you can buy is elaborated in an artisan way by experienced people following traditional processes.

Also called marrón glasé, each glazed chestnut is individually wrapped and packaged one by one by hand.

Our marron glacé comes in a glass jar containing 220 grams.


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Detailed description of Glazed chestnuts you can buy:

Glazed chestnuts are of the highest quality. A traditional European dessert, it is an exclusive dessert that until recently was only available to a privileged few.

Glacé (which means glazed / candied) is the technique used for the elaboration of this glazed chestnuts that you can buy, besides brown glacé we also have candied and glazed fruit and brown glacé nougat.

How is the glazed chestnuts made?

If you are wondering how to make glazed chestnuts, we are going to tell you that it is not easy. To prepare this recipe for glazed chestnuts, they must go through several processes.

First the chestnuts are harvested and selected one by one by size. Did you know that out of 143 varieties, there are only 5 varieties of chestnut suitable for glazed chestnuts?

Once selected, the peel is removed and they are cleaned well with cold water. They should be peeled very carefully so as not to break them.

Once peeled, they are cooked at a controlled temperature so that they become soft and have the perfect texture and consistency to absorb the syrup (sugar water) in the right measure and become glazed candied chestnuts.

Some people add lemon peel to this step the next day. These are not.

Once cooked, they are immersed in syrup for several weeks and once candied, they are glazed one by one by immersing them in a lighter syrup and subjecting them to a drying process. They already become the precious glazed chestnuts that you can buy.

Ingredients of our glazed chestnuts: Chestnut (Castanea sativa) 61%, sugar, glucose syrup, salt and vanilla flavor. (It does not contain allergenic ingredients based on Rgto (EU) 1169/2011 nor any ingredient or additive susceptible to be obtained from genetically modified organisms Rgto (EC) 1830/2003).

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