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To immerse oneself in the Fondillón experience is to let oneself be carried away by the legacy of a unique winemaking tradition in Alicante.

Enjoy now this pairing pack specially created to enjoy a perfect and balanced after-dinner drink: A glass of Alicante Fondillón wine and a piece of authentic artisan stone-baked nougat. This pack includes:

  • Bottle Laudum Fondillón Gran Reserva 1988. Wine aged more than 30 years.
  • 300g stone-baked nougat in a wooden box.

Both products are gluten-free and vegan.

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    Fuimos a comprar unos turrones y salimos encantados con la experiencia. Puedes probar … Leer más >> y sorprenderte con un sabor exquisito que no tiene nada que ver con los turrones industriales.
    Si pasas cerca merece la pena acercarse.
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    Turrones hay muchos, como el turrón de Jijona, de turrones La Colmena, pocos. Exquisitos!!! … Leer más >>
    El trato personalizado que tienen hacia ti es impresionante: Escuchar las explicaciones de como se elabora, la historia y los tipos de turrón, es digno de admirar.
    Ver toda la variedad y tipos de dulces que hay, es muy interesante.
    Si podéis, acercaros a su tienda y comprobarlo en persona.

Detailed description of Fondillón you can buy:

“The wine of Kings and the King of Wines”. Fondillón is a unique and internationally recognized wine produced in the Alicante region. This oenological jewel has a long history and was appreciated by illustrious figures such as Shakespeare and Dumas and was the first wine to travel around the world.

Fondillón and nougat have many historical similarities although the former experienced a decline due to phylloxera (vine plague). It has now been recovered by some wineries.

Fondillón wine is characterized by its distinctive color and flavor that perfectly matches the nougat. Its resurgence has ensured its future in the province of Alicante (also the home of turrón), where it represents a unique oenological experience. This Fondillón has been aged for 30 years in 1,500-liter oak barrels until its bottling in 2019.

History of Fondillón in Alicante

Fondillón is a wine with a rich and fascinating history that has developed in the beautiful land of Alicante, in eastern Spain. Over the centuries, this wine has gained international recognition and has captivated illustrious personalities from different eras.

Origin and international recognition of Fondillón Alicante and nougat

Fondillón has its origins in the 15th and 16th centuries, when it achieved great fame and prestige throughout the world.

Like the turrón, its production was carried out in the historical demarcation of Alicante, using exclusively grapes of the autochthonous Monastrell variety. This particular region offers favorable climatic and geological conditions for the cultivation of this grape and almonds, the main ingredient of nougat.

The quality and distinction of Fondillón Alicantino did not go unnoticed, as this oenological jewel obtained international recognition. Illustrious and renowned writers such as William Shakespeare, Alexander Dumas, Emilio Salgari, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Daniel Defoe, made reference to this wine in their works, admiring its exquisiteness and unparalleled flavor. Their mentions have contributed to consolidating the reputation and prestige of Fondillón in the artistic and literary spheres.

Fondillón is currently served in the best restaurants and lounges. It is a very exclusive product.

Decline and recovery of Fondillón wine

Despite its prominence in the past, Fondillón wine experienced a decline during the 19th century. The phylloxera plague that hit vineyards throughout Europe reduced the production of this very special wine. The focus was on the production of young wines, which led to a decline in the production of Fondillón. However, thanks to the efforts and dedication of some emblematic wineries, this oenological treasure has been recovered.

These wineries have preserved Fondillónsoleras dating from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and have continued to produce and contribute to the preservation of this winemaking tradition for decades, thus ensuring its future.

Elaboration of Fondillón Wines

Fondillón, that unique and legendary wine from Alicante, is distinguished not only by its distinctive flavor and aroma, but also by its peculiar elaboration process. Below, we will tell you the most relevant aspects of the production of this exquisite wine.

Some famous wineries, such as Bodegas Brotons Fondillón, Bocopa, etc., commercialize

Alicante Fondillón wine

Grape variety Monastrell

The basis of Fondillón lies in the exclusive use of the Monastrell grape variety, native to the Alicante area, which gives the wine its unique characteristics.

Very similar to the almonds used to make nougat, this grape is characterized by its resistance to the Mediterranean climate and its ability to survive in poor soils. These conditions, together with the experience of the winegrowers, make it possible to obtain grapes of great quality and concentration, ideal for the production of this gourmet beverage.

Process of overripening and raisining of grapes

The key to achieving the distinctive character of Fondillón lies in the process of over-ripening and raisining the grapes before harvesting. They are allowed to ripen longer than usual on the vine, reaching high levels of sugar and concentration of flavors.

Once the optimum point of maturity is reached, they are harvested and undergo a raisining process, which consists of drying them over a period of time. This traditional technique will further concentrate the sugars and flavors present.

Breeding and time needed before going to market

All about Fondillón Wine

Once the fermentation process is completed, the Fondillón de Alicante wine is transferred to the barrels, where it will begin its aging. During this stage, the wine will acquire its characteristic complexity and smoothness through interaction with the barrel walls and slow oxidation.

It is important to note that Fondillón requires a minimum aging time of 10 years, although many producers choose to extend it even longer, in search of greater evolution and sophistication. Once the desired aging is reached, the Fondillón is ready to be marketed.

Characteristics and pairings of Fondillón

Fondillón wines are distinguished by their intense violet color that, as it evolves over time, acquires amber and brick-red tones. It has a sweet and sweet flavor, with a high alcohol content ranging between 16º and 18º. When tasted, it displays remarkable aromas of raisins and noble wood.

Its complexity and sensory richness make Fondillón a true oenological jewel that deserves to be appreciated.

Consumption and food pairing recommendations: Nougat a la piedra

Fondillón is a versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of foods. Its sweet flavor is traditionally associated with turrón a la piedra, a soft nougat made with toasted almonds, sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon, creating a perfect combination of flavors and pronounced aromas that make it the perfect accompaniment.


Fondillón and its pairing with nougat

On the other hand, for those who love game meat, Fondillón enhances the intense and delicate flavors of these dishes. It is also an excellent option to enjoy with salted and blue cheeses, creating a balance between sweetness and saltiness. Finally, Fondillón alicantino combines magnificently with foie gras and pâté, enhancing the flavors of both.

Fondillón, considered a true oenological jewel, offers a unique sensory experience to those who venture to taste it. Its distinctive flavor, captivating history and international recognition make this Alicante wine an incomparable choice for wine lovers. Let yourself be seduced by the charm and uniqueness of Fondillón!

Ingredients: Toasted almonds ( 49%), sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon. May contain traces of other nuts, egg and/or sesame.

Technical Data Sheet Fondillón (Contains sulfites):

  • Winery: Bodegas Bocopa D.O. Alicante
  • Type: Generoso with 30 years of aging in old barrels.
  • Alcoholic strength: 16% vol. (natural alcohol, not added)
  • Variety: 100% Monastrell
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