Recipes with nougat

Have you ever heard of nougat recipes? Possibly, already at the end of Christmas we want to spend all the nougat that we have left over by making recipes for making the most of it.

In this section we propose you a challenge: To use nougat in recipes for nougat in cooking recipes and enjoy it throughout the year. The nougat is made with almonds and honey, ingredients that fit perfectly with many dishes, both savory and sweet.

Recetas con turrón

Recipes with nougat

Although we know that the favorite time to eat nougat is the Christmas season in Jijona we are used to elaborate and eat nougat throughout the year, either in the traditional way or using the nougat in cooking recipes.

Desserts with Jijona nougat

Although many people already associate nougat as a dessert, they do not know that nougat is a wildcard ingredient in all kinds of nougat recipes.

One of its many possibilities is to use nougat in dessert recipes. In Jijona they know it well and that is why we have been making nougat ice cream or nougat cakes for many years, since it is made with natural ingredients and of the highest quality by professionals and master craftsmen.

Use the nougat left over from Christmas to make desserts. is simple since in many of the recipes you simply have to add the nougat to the main mixture of the dessert to give it that special touch you are looking for and the best way to do it is by using a product like our Jijona soft liquid nougat.

Recipes with soft and hard nougat.

Using nougat as a complement in a cooking recipe is a great way to surprise any table with an unexpected and unique flavor. Making a sauce, a vinaigrette, meat stews and even fish stews is always possible to accompany a dish.

We would like to emphasize that in all our recipes that use nougat as an ingredient we are going to refer to soft and hard nougat as Jijona nougat and Alicante nougat because this is the only way to ensure the highest possible quality and that they have a minimum 64% of almonds and 20% of pure honey among their ingredients, leaving aside other nougats of lower quality that use sugars and glucose. These nougats will always bear the logo of the Consejo regulador del turrón de Jijona y Alicante, an independent body that carries out quality controls of the nougat.

The soft nougat, thanks to its soft texture, serves as an easy sauce or cream for meat or fish. On the other hand, hard nougat serves as a crunchy texture in any dish, even salty. We think that improvising in the kitchen with nougat is fun.

Recipes with egg yolk nougat

Among the recipes that use nougat in their elaborations that we have, we love to use raw yolk nougat and, above all, the artisan toasted yolk nougat. for some recipes. Being made with candied egg (similar to spun egg) we get a unique egg flavor for any dessert. Besides, by burning our yolk nougat in an artisan and natural way, the toasted flavor reminds us of a Catalan cream. Can you imagine a sauce with a touch of Catalan cream? We leave it there.

Recetas con turrones de Jijona

Recipes with chocolate nougat.

Using chocolate nougat in recipes is not new and we are not going to open the pandora’s box in this field, but we want to emphasize the importance of using high quality chocolate when making a cake or a chocolate flan.

Our pure chocolate nougat with almonds, for example, far exceeds the minimum amount of cocoa to be considered pure, reaching a minimum of 70% cocoa. In addition, the almonds used are always selected Marcona almonds, the most expensive. This conveniently crushed product can become a first class praline to accompany a dessert and for much less money than a praline purchased in a supermarket made with a sugar base.