Truffled Chocolates What are they?

Truffled Chocolates are a great unknown. Chocolate and truffle have nothing to do with each time we see more and more products of this type in the windows of candy stores and department stores. When asking in some stores what truffled chocolate is, the answer usually has a common denominator: “It is like a truffle”, “it has truffles”…” “its texture or flavor is similar to truffles”.

It is very likely that these stores do not make their products because if they did, they would know that they are nothing like real truffles or their flavor. So, we know we like them, we know they are made with chocolate, but do we know what truffled chocolates are? In this article we are going to try to clear all the doubts about the Chocolate praline that we elaborate in Turrones la Colmena.

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What is truffled chocolate?

Truffled chocolate is a product derived from chocolate. Even though its name bears the word “truffle”, there is no presence of this fungus, so appreciated in haute cuisine, nor has there ever been.

Its texture is typical of chocolate and is achieved by creating a kind of praline (a kind of cocoa paste) by mixing pure cocoa with butter and other ingredients. Exactly like chocolate truffles. But what are chocolate truffles?

Chocolate truffles are a traditional Belgian candy similar in appearance to a traditional bonbon that are made by creating a mixture of varying proportions of pure cocoa, butter, sugar and eggs. Its name comes from its shape, which resembles truffles (mushroom) but neither its flavor nor its texture is similar.

The truffled chocolate we sell is made with two layers. On the one hand the outer layer, crunchy pure chocolate, and on the other hand its interior, creamy and similar to the previously mentioned truffles.

What is the difference between them and regular chocolate nougat?

The main difference between our truffled chocolates and the pure chocolate nougats you can buy here is very simple. The truffled chocolates are filled with a smooth cocoa cream (with butter and eggs) and finally covered with a thin, crunchy layer of cigar. The typical chocolate and almond nougat, on the other hand, contains pure cocoa (minimum 70% cocoa) and whole roasted marcona almonds, nothing else.

Truffled chocolate flavors.

On the outside, beyond the decoration, the truffled chocolates that you can buy on our website have a thin layer of cigar. Then, depending on the variety, each one has elements that enhance its original flavor.

Creating the inner praline gives way to the addition of other ingredients in the mixture, which are used to be unique flavors. In our company we have 12 variants of truffled chocolates for sale: